To demonstrate an understanding of concepts, principles, fact and theories within a specified field, discipline and practise.

To apply broad theoretic and practical knowledge that is often specialised within a field.

To analyze, categorize, classify information to construct logical and coherent argument

To show awareness of the knowledge base.      


To demonstrate the ability to identify, evaluate and solve undefined, routine, new problems within a known context

To apply solutions based on relevant evidence and procedures or other forms of explanations appropriate to the field, discipline or practice, demonstrating an understanding of consequences.             

Personal Attributes

To manage projects with limited supervision that require problem solving where there are many factors some of which can lead to unforeseen changes.

To convey ideas in a reliable, accurate, and coherent manner to peers, supervisors and clients using appropriate conventions.     

To express a comprehensive internalised personal world view reflecting engagement with others.

To formulate responses to abstract and concrete problems.

To demonstrate experience of operational interactions within a familiar field.

To make judgements based on knowledge of relevant social and ethical issues    

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